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About Our Presentations

“1 out of 4 students have visual problems that are serious enough to impede learning.”

– American Public Health Association

Gold Coast Vision Performance is dedicated to helping the communities around us understand the importance of developing visual skills for children in school, as well as athletes. We offer free presentations to educate people who work with and around children about the importance of vision therapy, and the impact it can have on learning.


We Will Discuss the Following Topics:

  • Vision is a cognitive process in which the brain processes information gleaned by the eyes to respond accordingly.
  • There are several functional vision problems, all of which can have a different impact on how the eyes receive information.
  • Failing to treat these functional visual problems will impact classroom performance, and may cause children to refrain from assigned/recreational reading and completing homework.
  • The various signals that children with visual issues may display, and how you can respond to these issues.
  • How vision therapy can improve visual skills through both guided vision exercises and the use of optical devices.

Anybody who regularly interacts with children should have the ability to detect these visual issue. Our goal is to impart this information, so that children can receive the help they need, and improve classroom performance. We are happy to present to people in the following positions:

  • Teachers
  • Parent organizations (PTA/PTO, etc.)
  • Medical professionals (pediatricians, physical therapists, occupational therapists)
  • Coaches and athletic departments

We’re also happy to present to other groups interested in improving children’s’ vision.

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