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Cynthia Prag

Cynthia Prag
Cynthia Prag is a first-gen graduate of School Of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in Graphic Design. As an Art Director / Designer, Cynthia spent over 30 years working for many luxury brands such 
as Cartier and Tiffany&Co. With a keen eye for design, attention to detail and all things visual, it makes perfect sense that a new curiosity in vision therapy would be her next calling.
Raising two sons, one, who experienced a concussion at the age of two and another with amblyopia and a cataract, Cynthia knows all too well the challenges faced when confronted with visual insufficiencies.
When they could not give it their all in a game or were just outright clumsy, accident-prone and not paying attention, she knew something had to be done. Having active boys she also knows the importance of sports and physical activity for success in school and life. Her boys are involved in sports and play ice hockey, roller hockey, golf, sailing and also train in capoeira, fencing, boxing, biking and skateboarding. 
Cynthia knows firsthand how vision therapy can affect the outcomes of a game, behavior and grades in the classroom and at home. When she saw her boys struggling she immediately turned to Vision Therapy 
through the recommendation of another doctor. Without the dedication and hard work in vision therapy, the quality of life and outcomes would have been very different. Vision therapy made her son's imbalanced world, migraines and challenges disappear. A more positive road to success in school, sports and life was established. Vision therapy even helped raise SAT scores!
Not only did Cynthia want to share this with others, she wanted to learn how she could help others achieve success and improved well-being. This desire to learn and share with others set Cynthia up to be a successful vision therapist.
Additionally, dealing with a newly blind father-in-law and a mother with age-related Macular Degeneration and Alzheimer’s, Cynthia is fully versed in the many challenges of eye disease and insufficiencies. She is not scared to face them head-on and bring levels of comfort to those suffering.
Always curious, reading, researching and educating herself to tackle all of life’s challenges. She’s always there to be of support and guidance to others. Cynthia loves rooting on her patients as though a part of
her extended family. She knows all too well how successful and life-changing vision therapy can be.