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Aimee B


My daughter started vision therapy with Dr. Reuter Hanna on November 2018. At the time, my daughter was struggling in school, both in math and a short period she improved her math and became an enthusiastic reader well above grade level. Dr. Reuter Hanna and Billy Taylor were amazing, very professional, and really have had a powerful impact on my daughters' school performance and beyond! Thank You!

- Aimee B

Top-Notch Team


Dr. Reuter Hanna and her team are top-notch. Their vision training therapy has allowed my daughter to take her game to the next level. The training is individually tailored as such you are able to see and monitor the results. In my opinion, this should be essential off-court training for every athlete!

- Amy N.

Warm and Caring


Very Happy with Dr. Reuter Hanna. My son has shown considerable improvement in-depth perception. The program was very helpful. Dr. Reuter Hanna is very warm, caring and helpful! Thank you!!!

- Dhruv J.

Wonderful Experience


Wonderful experience! We looked forward to our weekly routine and schedule with Dr. Reuter Hanna and her staff. We value her expertise and guidance. Very kind, fun and friendly environment. Positive outcome after dedication and consistent work.

- Jennifer R.

Highly Recommended


Everything about Dr. Reuter Hanna's practice deserves 5/5 stars. Her interaction with patients is super personal, her sessions carefully tailored for maximum impact. I went for rehabilitation in particular, and would highly recommend her!

- Marvyn R.